Can anyone tell me about the meaning and/or origin of the Triangle hand sign?

How many of you believe that this is some New World Order or Satanic thing?


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  • It could be several things.
    It's clearly a pyramid. Alchemically the pyramid is a symbol for fire. Pointing up it's male and pointing down denoted female.
    If you stick it up to one of your eyes you're flashing the pyramid with the eye in it. In Egyptian mythology that eye was plucked out of a god's head and has supernatural powers. It has the power to control physical matter.
    Everything goes back to Egypt.

    • Has flashing this hand sign become more popular recently or is it my imagination?

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    • Exactly! I always tell people to listen to all forms of media not just left or right or anywhere in between. It's almost laughable to me that some people would for example want to vote for Hillary Clinton just because their family has always voted Democratic. I have never declared allegiance to anything but my own free will... And it seems that has been under attack all of my life, and now more than ever!

    • For sure critical thinking is critical. Yeah right, would I ever vote for that witch.
      There's a lot of freaky things going on this planet that's all I know for sure and a lot of it is bizarre as hell some I know from personal experience. That's why the powers that be get away with so much of it because people find some of those aspects hard to believe. Shame, one should be open to any possibility because it just might happen that might be the truth.

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  • Illuminati and/or Tri-Delta sorority lol

    • But why are there so many celebrities flashing it recently? Or maybe I was just oblivious to it before?

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    • If I see a Tri-Delta sorority member I will be sure to flash that sign! and then flash them! hahahaha jk... maybe

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  • It's basically an Illuminati thing. It's a pyramid, and they usually make the hand sign over one eye (the eye of Horus). The USA dollar bill has a pyramid with an eye.

    Now, whether or not they are actually Illuminati is anyone's guess, but some people have done a ton of research into various celebrities, such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, and others. Is it merely a coincidence that so many celebrities do these gestures (in addition to the 666 hand sign)?

    • I was pretty sure it was always an illuminati thing too... But for some reason I've been noticing a lot of famous people doing it and I don't understand why they would flash a sign like that!
      Also on Urban Dictionary it says you are a gang banger in enemy territory