Hands up if you are guilty of adding random young girls (over 18) on facebook. Are your S. O. upset about this?


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  • My boyfriend does that, he is not picky with adding girls either, even the overweight ones..

    • Are you upset about it though?

    • I know those random girls got nothing on me, I'm not worrying. He probably doesn't even see them as real people.

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  • If the girl I'm with doesn't have enough faith in me to allow me to have female friends, we ain't gonna make it far.

    • Exactly my point!

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    • @Ishtar

      I add people who I enjoy speaking with. If they seem friendly, or funny, or interesting, whether male or female.

    • I guess my mindset was fixated on the original question about adding random girls. Sounds like what you doing is different to the OP As you are adding people you already know in some way

  • Well as a matter of fact I don't discriminate based on age!
    I have like four more months of being able to do that ha

    • Watch out you might have to unfriend them all in 4 months ;)

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