How to I get revenge on a guy who lied to me & hurt me? I don't believe in modern day karma?

This guy and I had established that we would be exclusive sex partners. He said he was not talking to anyone else or seeking to do so. We have had sex multiple times and it was known that I also liked him.

This is weekend he hurt me big time. One, we had plans Saturday and he stood me up. 2, I found he created a new account on tinder (how we met) and has been going under a new name. It's very recent because the pictures are from just a few days ago.

I I made a fake account of a hot chick. I'm gonna match with him. I'm going to talk to him, lead him on... Then what? What should I do to really smack it to him? He hurt me so bad because I trusted him. Now, I don't know who he is having sex with. And I told him for health reasons it was not fair since I let him pull out. He promised he wasn't talking to any other chick.


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  • Karma? It isn't magic, supernatural, religious nor complicated.
    Some person hurting another is likely to hurt others and be imprudent

    Common sense says chances are one of those others might catch up with him sooner or later.

    • I am one of the nicest people. I don't hurt people. So how can I be so hurt right now if your logic supposedly makes sense?

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    • Lol okay, I like this very much.

    • Asker, you lack the shruging philosophy. The "I don't care any longer about that sphincter, sooner or laterhe'll meet a female sphincter who'll do the same to him".
      Just move on and forget him.

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  • Smart girl & good ideas all
    but experiences tell me that soon you'll tire of all this and regret the time spent away from shopping for a new fun replacement that doesn't "cheat" around like this one, who never loved you anyway, so why discipline/train him in right/wrong when he's to be thrown in garage? Training him for some other gal?

    What hurts the most is to see you someday out having the time of your life with a better guy in love with you and you don't remember who he is, much less have 1 minute to talk. This is also the most fun for you.

    • I know, and I never believed in seeking revenge as I want to because it is healthier for me not to. But I just am so upset and hurt... I want to see him feel some sort of pain and strike against his ego. I want immediate gratification. I also don't want to be with another guy for a long time. I want to work on myself for a bit. I just want him to feel embarrassed and ashamed and upset too because the past 2 months have really torn me apart.

    • I understand completely and know that I come from a history much worse than yours and may never really get 100% over the betrayals. Revenge from my own hands would just get more mud/garbage in my wounds, so I reinvented my life and my new groups became much more fun and fulfilling, replacing & burying all that past life grief and being treated like a step child of old. I found love and some of those bad got punished but no fingerprints of mine, they can't further their whipping of me! Of course, I wonder in silence why the others prosper so well... I have faith that they serve (for awhile longer) some greater purpose of His as the reason. So long as they stay away from me, I am at peace.

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  • You'd be far better off if you drastically changed your outlook toward "dating", and the world itself. Either that or resign yourself to life of being hurt and taking revenge.

  • how about stop the drama and move on? god you are so clingy... revenge won't change the pain... so shut up, grow a pair, and be an adult (as i assume you are) and move the fuck on


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  • If you ask me, you were pretty dumb to even have such an arrangement of you had feelings for him. Just because he agreed to only have sex with you and didn't have plans to talk to anyone else at the time doesn't mean his mind could change. And it did, which he was allowed to do so because he's single. You were just a fuck buddy. Just confront him about it and stop playing stupid games.

    • I didn't have feelings originally. We met and hung out and had sex

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    • I should have. I did this past week and he told me at the moment he was too busy with his sport season for any free time to do so. What a load of bull

    • The best thing you can do is just move on from this and find someone better