He used almost a week to reply, is he interested or not?

So we talked on a dating app for about a week, we had a lot in common and I was at a point where I wanted to ask him to go out.

But then he suddenly used ages to reply, and the last message I sendt him was on Monday and he didn't reply.

I assumed he had lost interest so I Just moved on, but I Just now got a message from him.

I dont know how to transelate that kind of behavior. Is he interest? In that case why use almost a week to reply

I get that people are busy and I didn't expect him to answer me within the same day or anything, but I feel like one week is a bit over the top especially if you're so called "interested "
Guys? Any in put?


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  • He might have thought he had someone thing with someone else, they fell through so he came back to you. People love back ups and keeping others on the back burner just in case.
    Or he may have been busy?
    Just be straight forward and ask why he took so long to reply.

    • He may have thought he had something with someone else* Sorry

  • He could be busy or shy. Also guys think that they should wait before texting , like not text back right away cause they'll look desperate

    • Maybe, but he Would read the message and be online without answering. Do you think im overthinking?

    • I don't think that your over thinking because lots of guys share this "secret " that they think works but doesn't. They will wait hours, days , even weeks without replying because they think that if they reply either away , it looks like their being desperate. If I were you , I would worry about it too much , but it also depend on the personality of the guy that you are texting.