If someone molested a child, would you still accept them as family?

He went to jail for 10 years after being convicted. He was also abusive to the mother. My mom has this great idea that she wants to meet this guy, because technology speaking he is my unborn child's grandfather. She said as long as he's alive he can still be redeemed by God. I firmly believe this is a new low for my mother. She's never had to see the sister scared to scared to be in the same room as him. He's traumatic smudge on the family's name. My husband and I both took his mother's maiden name.


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  • Well, does your mother know about him molesting a child (your sister?) But even if that were a no, then why the heck does your mother want to meet the man that was abusive to her in the past?

    The only reason I can think of is that your mother is trying to patch your family together - to try to glue the pieces back together before you bring your baby (his grand-child) into this world; and she seems to be willing to sacrifice herself to try to rectify her broken family.

    I would suggest an othersider, for a family counselling, to try to speak to your mother about a guy that molested a child should not be anywhere near your baby after it's born... I hope for the best and good luck.

    • My sister in law. This is my husband's father.

    • Ah ok. And thanks for MHO!

      And boy "othersider" - I meant "outsider" :) English is my third language

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  • Personally I don't think that's something I could ever forgive! Be it right or wrong I wouldn't allow him anywhere near any of my family! I know we all deserve a second chance and stuff but personally I would draw the line!

    • I didn't think I was crazy for not wanting him anywhere near us. I don't know what is wrong with my mother and why she is so eager to meet my husband's father. It makes no sense.

    • She might just be over compensating? Trying to let you know she'll support you no matter what? I don't know?

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  • Am I the only one who completely didn't get the description? Can you try again?

    • My husband's father molested his sister. He went to jail for 10 years. My mother wants to meet him, even though I have told her why he's unwelcomed around my new family.

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    • You're right... I think she has a screw loose.

    • She most definitely does. If she does anything then that's her own problem.

      And dunno why I clicked anonymous.

  • So, your mother wants to help a pedo guy? Is tha it? Did he made some threatment on jail? He's he problematic? ...

  • The fuck did I just read?


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  • I bet he in fact did not molest anyone, but it's all a lie.

    • You would be very wrong.

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