Are you supposed to aspire to be smart?

A lot of people want to hang out with smart people, be more like them etc.

But just because they're smart doesn't mean they're good people. It doesn't even mean that those 'smart' people respect the others who run after them.

What is this whole obsession with being smart and wanting to run after smart people? Most smart people use their intelligence to feel better about themselves, much like beautiful people use their look sto feel better about themselves.


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  • Why people wanna be with smart ones? Because dumb people are annoying to be with. They know nothing and you can't barely talk about anything, except for sports or romantic comedies. Sure, they may be good people, but still boring, and bring nothing to your life.

    Smart people bring something to your life, they stimulate your brain with good conversations, interesting fact, anecdotes... they will end up making you smarter if you listen.
    Of course there may be bad people that are smart, but you just stay way of them and get together with the good smart people.

    I think everyone should strive to be smarter, because it'll only bring positive things to your life.

    • I think you misunderstood my question. I know smart people (as in people who've self-declared themselves smart), who do nothing but go on about themselves. What value could this possibly bring to the person at the other end? Nothing.

      Also most of the time it's the dumb people who chase after this supposed smart person, the other smart people wouldn't put up with their shit for a second.

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  • Anyone who throws around how smart they are compared to others. They aren't truly smart and are actually stupid. Since smart people don't need to prove anything. Others will know they are smart due to how they naturally are.

    It's good to try and become smart or just have an average common sense. If your stupid then your more likely to be boring in a conversation. Since less intelligent people normally talk about boring less interesting topics.

    • I think I meant academically smart. As in seeing who can get a better mark on a test, just to prove how much smarter the other person is. Stupid stuff like that.

      Be at school and give it your best shot because it's the only time you can devote to educating yourself, but this is not at all about having something to prove, which a lot of people make it exactly that.

      I agree with you about the wanna-bes vs. truly smart people who are comfortable in their own skin

    • Then yeah that doesn't matter. Getting good grades doesn't mean they are smart at all. They are probably really stupid when it comes to street smarts.

      Those grades won't stay around forever and they will have to prove they are smart by having life experience.

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  • This boils down to each their own.. Just to add, I don't consider myself smart or beautiful, most of my experience is through learning from mistakes. To put it shortly, don't waste time on others obsession if it does not include you. Much better time could be spent making yourself awesome in your own eyes.

    • This is pretty much exactly what I was saying/thinking lol

  • It's better to aspire to intelligence than to shy away from it. Would you rather have an intelligent society or a society that fears intelligence?

    • I would like to have a society that perseveres and had goals for themselves.

      I know people who marry doctors when they've attained NO education themselves. And it boggles my mind as to why they do that, because they haven't invested a day's worth of time in education. I realized over time it's because they wanted status without having to work hard for it.

      It's OKAY to not be smart. It's OKAY to work as a teacher and make a not too great salary and have your self respect in tack, rather than marrying a guy for status, who doesn't give a shit or respects you.

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    • She didn't want to work hard or educate herself. She just wanted to marry a guy who was smart so she could say, "I'm 'x' person's wife.'

      I have no sympathy for her and consider her to be a fool

    • I agree with you. I don't think she's intelligent at all. She seems pretty weak.

  • You're just supposed to aspire being the best version of yourself, in every way.

    • Agreed. But the reasons behind people wanting to be a certain way have a lot to do with this obsession with being 'better' than everyone else, rather than them truly wanting to be the best version of themselves.

      I can't stand the smart wanna-bes. Truly intelligent people are in reality very nice and humble. It's the middle people who usually get on my nerves

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    • Actually, they don't end up getting the attention they want in a lot of cases. Sure, to a degree they get appreciation for indulging in something that may make them seem respected to the average person, but interestingly intelligent people don't like or respect them.

  • Actually if anything its the opposite smart people have less friends.

    • Cause too many dumb people running around xD

    • Truly smart people? 100%. Wanna be smart people who've gone to good schools and majored in bullshit degrees like political science who brag about the school they went to?

      It's a 50/50 thing. The people who fall for it, they fall for it. The people who recognize it for what it is look down on them

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  • If you're smart that means you're more likely to create a more successful future... I value my education honestly. I want a good future and I'd like to be known as a smart individual. Not all smart people are good people, some are manipulative and use their understanding of things to get what they want and that's true.

    But sometimes that's not bad, dog eat dog

    • I know someone who went to a 'prestigious' program. I value the school. I respect the institution having gotten in twice.

      This individual wouldn't shut the fuck up about the school knowing full well I declined. A year later I found out she got laid off at her job. This was 4 years ago. She is still unemployed, sitting at home, wakes up at 5 p. m. does nothing except watches t. v.

      I don't respect her. Yet I've noticed dumb people (of course I didn't snitch about hte laid off thing), seem to like her because of the school she went to (she graduated 5 years ago so I'm not even sure it's relevant anymore).

      Interestingly both her classmates and the 'smarter' people like me more

    • Oh well there's a difference between being intelligent and hardworking. Ideally a person is both of those qualities not just intelligent... But I respect hardworking people over intelligent people. I like to see when people try with their lives and try to help others around them.

  • Haha! Had nothing to do with being smart! Duh!

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