Have you ever died and came back?

I doubt that there are many people on GAG who have had that exprience. But if you did, tell me what it felt like. What did you see? What did you feel? What did you learn? One of my high school art teachers died and came back and so did my grandmother (I think she was dying though) years before I was even thought of. Sharing is caring, Thanks! X) <3


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  • I died in my bad dreams and it felt real. When I woked up I wasn't for sure if me waking up was real or not. It's really scary and creepy.

    • I've had dreams like that too. One time I had a dream that I was being chased by vampires. Th sky was red and I was running through meddows or something. But once I was about to be eaten it faded to black

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    • I know. Rihanna just cancelled her concert shows and I was supposed to go but she's apparently sick too. And I love Katy Perry she is a great performer. I love her songs too. But I hope Mariah would come my way too. But I doubt she would

    • I saw rihanna a couple of years ago. And the show was good. That sucks she canceled in your area. Sometimes it's hard to get a refund when they cancel. Yeah Katy Perry has great songs. Yeah seeing Mariah would be cool. You never know maybe she might tour close near your area.

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