Was I trained poorly by my fellow coworkers?

I never bartend before and my employers knew this. They told me they would train me. They sent the lead bartender to tell me about the drinks and prices, how to poor in a cup and where to get the ice and wash stuff. That's it. They send me to "bartend" and gave me an attitude when I didn't know wtf their mixed drinks consisted of? I didn't even know about a mix drink until somebody ordered it. And when customers would come, the two bartenders would take their orders and I was left there waiting. Wouldn't good trainers tell me at least the basics about drinks? And help me take orders? The place was NOT packed. Wtf?


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  • Yes they trained you poorly. But it wasn't your fault. You can look up on your phone what the mix drinks consist of depending on the drink. You might have to train yourself. Your co workers were very wrong.

    • Thank you. I knew something felt off. I'm certainly going to have to teach myself!

    • Your very welcome. Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. Yeah it was wrong what they did to you.

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