What's with religion these days?

Here's basically what I understand, (correct me if I'm wrong)

- Musliums, you either are for their religion or your going to an eternal hell?
- Christians, you accept Jesus as your savior, but if you don't your going to hell?

Those are the top 2 amongst the world?

Anyone else confused with this kind of stuff? Obviously, there's a chance nothing exists?
But, I'd like to remain optimistic.. If a god is so kind and forgiving, I don't think we need one religion to dictate whether we suffer for an eternal life or prosper?

Shouldn't living a good life and being thankful, be enough?


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  • I don't usually talk about religions here but because that was my big question I can answer u well
    Three type of Non Muslim:
    1. The one that never heard about Islam
    2. The one that heard about Islam but in deformed way like nowadays
    3. The one that heard about Islam like when they hear about Phyics or Math They respect Islam but still have suspicious Like me with Hindu/Buddhist

    Those 3 type will go to Heaven like any Muslim
    Sources from the best Preachers

    • Hmm... suspicious*

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    • @Luvme66 Mmm like doubts like they know Islam well but they have small doubts ,, Ah I really need to study English grammer soon hhh,

      those 3 type of Non Muslims will go to heaven and will be treated like Muslims

    • I get it thanks... for clarifying... and yes don't worry about the English... it will come to you automatically if you watch movies and listen to music (English)

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  • My friend, let me tell you something. I'm Muslim. But I'm not Sunni or Shia. I'm Quranist. Probably you never heard of it. According to us all the mistakes and discrepancies are there because of the hadith (word of prophet). Please dont missunderstand me. All these so called Hadith were written in the times of Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphate to create delusional religion. And they started to translate and interpret the book according to Hadith. So if we dont see Hadith as a referance of religion, all problems solved!
    And about your question to be for your religion is not always means perform your prayer (salat) and fasting. You have to provide social and economical equality in your community. If you're rich you have to equalize yourself with community for example.
    'And they ask you what they should spend. Say, "The excess [beyond needs]." Thus Allah makes clear to you the verses [of revelation] that you might give thought.' Al Bakara 219
    In the comment I'll explain why none of the muslim nations are not like what i explain. by the way I'M NOT EXPLAINING THESE TO CONVINCE YOU. ONLY TO SHOW OUR DIFFERENCE.

    • Women as Imams

      Sunni scholars believe a woman cannot lead a mixed gender congregation.


      Quranist scholars believe a woman can lead a mixed gender congregation.

      Domestic violence

      Some Sunni and Shia scholars interpret and translate the Quran 4:34 to allow men to beat their wives.


      Quranist scholars reject this interpretation and translation.


      Sunni scholars believe a tribute can be taken from non-Muslims living in Muslim lands.


      Qur'anist scholars believe this practice has no support from the Quran.

      "Holy War"

      Some Sunni scholars believe jihad can be understood as an offensive "holy war" against non-Muslims.


      Some Quranist scholars believe jihad is defensive warfare.


    • Some Sunni and Shia scholars believe that slavery is permissible if the slaves are non-Muslim and they are treated kindly. Other Sunni and Shia scholars believe that slavery was permissible during Muhammad's lifetime, but that now it should be gradually abolished where it exists.


    • Quranists believe that slavery is never permissible and that it should be immediately abolished where it exists. They believe that the abolition of slavery where it exists is not a mere suggestion (as some Sunni and Shia believe), but a divine imperative. They believe the master-slave relationship is a form of polytheism and violates Islam's strict monotheism. For example, one Quranist scholar felt that his original name, Qazi Ghulam Nabi (Ghulam Nabi means slave, or servant, of the Prophet), was polytheistic so he changed it to Abdullah Chakralawi (Abdullah means slave, or servant, of God) .[40]
      The Quranist scholar, Edip Yuksel, asserts that Sunni and Shia scholars mistranslated the phrase ma malakat aymanukum in order to justify slavery and concubinage (see footnote for 4:3 in Quran: A Reformist Translation). Ghulam Ahmed Pervez also asserted that Sunni and Shia scholars mistranslated the Quran in order to justify slavery. He argued for the abolition of slavery.

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  • I would hope that would be enough! Because I doubt the preachers who go to university and college campuses and scream at people until they cry are living a good life.

  • Nah, cause then the pastors and churches don't get paid yo. That's all religion is, just people paying some schmuck to tell them what they wanna here. If he starts saying they don't like, boom, they just make another religion. There's thousands of them.

  • life is a test, so it has so many obstacle, lust and seduction to distract you from your goal

    • even learning and helping poor people or feeding animal, watering the plants are consider a good deed to help you away from the hell. Logically, religion helps you to be a better person

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  • *Churches* think we need one religion to dictate whether we suffer for an eternal life or prosper.
    It was like that since the very first religion. Religions helped kings to have power. Sometimes it was positive. Not always.


    • And mankind invented many gods (some three thousand!) Which one is yours?
      Here, pick your choice:


      (click twice on the vertical lines)
      (that list is almost certainly incomplete because it relates only to gods whose believers could write. A minority thus.)
      Pay attention to pick 'the right ones' in that list: they're all jealous. If you err you'll suffer or eternity in EACH hell of EACH of them. That makes for many sufferings.

    • here's a better link to the list of gods:


  • Yes it's basically like a massive roulette reel like you'd see at a casino. Each number you want won't allow you to pick any other number and if the wheel lands on any of the other (statistically extremely more likely) options you burn for all eternity.
    Which part of that doesn't make sense?

  • Dear god. Another thread about religion.
    What's your question? o. O

    • "Shouldn't living a good life and being thankful, be enough? "

  • As a teenager it's expected for you to respond to religion like that.

    There are theological arguments and teachings behind each belief. It's important to examine them before just dismissing them as simply as "gee a loving God sure wouldn't send people to Hell!"

    Think of this: how does God forgive us? What is behind the forgiving process? What are the terms and conditions behind it? God is loving and forgiving but also righteous and just. Therefore he set up a rescue plan for us, but in a way that does not defy His righteousness and laws.

    • But christians always describe god's love as "unconditional"

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    • @jacquesvol

      the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

    • @ClassicRocker God's love is unconditional. But that doesn't mean God won't subject anyone to judgment for their rebellion. God said He takes no pleasure in punishing those people, but He has and will do so as He is a righteous God. It sounds like you have been listening to the hippies for Jesus who'd rather pretend Satan or his evil forces don't exist.

      John 3:16 is proof that God's love is unconditional. He sent Christ to die for the whole world, not just some of the world but all of it. He gave the world a way out from judgment. A way for us to be reconciled back to God, but in a way that also satisfies his requirements for justice.

      But you don't get the benefits of that rescue plan unless you acknowledge Christ as your Lord and savior.

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