My hair is super damaged help?

My hair is in awful condition and is breaking! Any top tips for me?


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  • first cut off all your split ends, don't use ANY HEAT Or straighteners, curlers etc. instead air dry or dry it with a clean t shirt , buy a sulfate- free shampoo (sulfate is TERRIBLE for your hair ) use argan oil masks also coconut oil/milk works wonders, make you sure you eat healthily and get plenty of vitamins daily, drink lots of water , don't brush your hair that hard, if you're very stressed that can make your hair fall out so try to get rid of stress by doing yoga , sleeping a lot, excersicing & just keeping your mind healthy. also search online "home remedies for damaged hair" . The more natural and organic the better.


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  • - Cut it as much as you can
    - Don't use unnecessary heat on your hair (that also includes high temperature hair dryer and hot water)
    - Don't wash it too often
    - Use repairing hair products (always take a look at the INCI tho... to avoid parabens, silicons, etc. Coconut oil, honey, argan oil, olive oil are great ingredients for repairing hair products)
    - Use linseed oil to protect your hair before drying it and before going out at the sun (make sure it's cold pressed and biological)

  • Get it trimmed, don't curl or straten it. Give it time to heal and grow out.

  • Apparently mayo works wonders... @Iron_Man?