I am going to uni and I have someone questions that have been worrying me. Can you answer some of them for me?

So I am going to university and I am really worried. Here are some of my questions that have been worrying me please can you answer me please with your personal experiences. Here they are:

1. How many universities can you apply to.

2. How many courses do you do?

3. What universities should i apply to?

4. How do you make your friends at uni

5. What happens if you hate your roommate?

6. What happens if you don't have any friends in your 2nd and 3rd year to move in with?

7. How hard is uni

8. What happens if you don't get your dream guy at uni like everyone else

9. What if no one likes you and you are all alone.

10. Just any other information I should know x


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  • Hey, I'm at uni in the UK and I think you're in the UK too, so I'll try and help out! :)

    1. As far as I'm aware, you can apply to five courses through UCAS - that could be five different universities or like two courses at the same uni and three elsewhere, any combination you want. But I think it's 5 universities max and I recommend using this site to help out a little if you're stuck: https://university.which.co.uk/

    2. You do one course. That could be a combined course where you can maybe take classes from two courses to combine to make one degree, it's called double honours. There are people in my class, for example, who take ancient history and Egyptology and take classes from both subjects. They still only do six modules a year the same as I do on a single honours course, but they have a wider range of options I guess. Not all courses are available as double honours, it completely depends on the university.

    3. I can try and help you with that but, honestly, you're the only one who can really know what uni to apply for.

    4. Make friends with housemates, join clubs and talk to someone in your lectures, you'll always find at least one person to speak to :)

    5. Most universities don't have you actually share a room with someone else, you'll likely be in a house/flat of 5 or more people, sometimes up to 10 or 12 people across a 3 floored house, perhaps. If you hate your housemates, you can either avoid them or speak to your uni's housing services and you can probably swap with someone else.

    6. You can live in student accomodation on campus usually in your 2nd year too. You can also put up requests on your uni's social media and you'll probably find people in need of someone else for a house.

    7. It's very hard, but that's obvious.

    8. Most people don't. You'll still have the majority of your life to find someone, there's no need to rush into it.

    9. It's incredibly unlikely that that will happen. As I said, there are clubs and services to go to if you're lonely.

    10. You should look forward to it, if you're not hopeful going into it, then you won't enjoy it. It's a big decision, make sure you're ready for it before diving in.


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  • 1. I applied to 5 and got accepted at all. I'm going to Sheffield.

    2. One course, split into modules, some which are compulsory, some you can chose. I think a lot depends on what you're doing.

    3. There is a league table published yearly by one of the daily newspapers. Go for the best you can get into.

    4. Easy. You're all in the same boat!

    5. My sis had a room to herself in the first year. Small, but had everything she needed.

    6. Same as 4.

    7. Damned hard if you want a 1st.

    8. My sister didn't until she was just about to start her masters.

    9. That won't happen. Such a huge number of people of all types.

    10. Do your best.

  • 1. Well i went through an organisation which gives you ten preferences. Im not sure how it works where you are. You may be able to apply to as many as you like.

    2. Typically for me i do 4 courses per semester with 2 semsters per year and a 3rd semester if you want to study through summer.

    4. You just talk to people and make friends with common interests.

    7. Its harder than high school but mainly bc you have to do the work all by yourself. They dont push for homework or anything. Its self-motivated self-learning so you have to do everything for yourself.

  • You should ask your high school guidance counselor these questions, at least most of them.

    The answers are too specific to you as an individual. Before anyone could answer in full:

    What country are you in? What state/province/territory are you in?
    What are your grades and SAT/ACT scores like? (use percentiles, since the scores change over the years)
    How much money do your parents have?
    What are your career interests?
    What is your tolerance for hard work?
    How well organized are you?
    Have you had a job yet?

    Making friends at a university is easy if you live on campus. They will also become your friends for life, unlike your high school friends whom you will soon mostly forget.


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