Who is Sam Pepper and why does everyone hate him?

People won't stop talking about him and how he left the internet. Who is he?


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  • He made an ISIS prank and the person he did it on thought his best friend was actually dead (they fake executed his friend) and he was crying. It looked very serious until they broke it to him, and he was still pissed at him


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  • I think he was a youtuber who did stupid pranks. Like he would go up and video himself grabbing girls' asses and people were obviously annoyed by that because hey, 1. that's at least sexual harassment, and 2. if any normal guy did that, they'd be in serious trouble.

    He then went a step further and did a prank on I think his best friend where he pretended that the two of them got abducted and he pretended to be shot and 'died' in front of his friend who had been jumped on in the dark, thrown in the boot of a car or something similar and was currently tied to a chair and gagged. His friend was really freaked out (as you can imagine), like screaming and sobbing and trying to throw himself off his chair and people saw that this was probably going too far and someone could actually have been hurt (seeing as that was something that could have triggered PTSD or something similar, even though his friend was quickly made aware it was a prank).

    So yeah, he played pranks that most people, especially those involved, didn't really find funny and acted like an ass when he was brought up on it. He must have eventually gotten tired of people pointing out that what he did wasn't really okay and deleted everything.

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