Do Hillary Clinton supporters actually think that Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for her if she wins?

The statistical data points to a likely Hillary Clinton primary win. The Hillary camp often looks like it's shitting on the Bernie camp. On the Republican side, it looks like Trump is going to win. Trump supporters are very fired up, and have been throughout. On the Democratic side, Sanders is the only one creating similar buzz. Do Hillary supporters think their upper middle class voter base is going to beat the fired up Trump supporters? Who is excited about Hillary Clinton? Nobody that I have met. A great chunk of Bernie supportes, possibly the majority, are not going to bother voting for her. She is just another in a long line of Democratic presidential candidates that are simply about being anti-republican. That is not buzz, and the polls strongly suggest that she is weak against Trump, and other Republicans, and Trump is likely to rise even higher once he starts slamming her donor cronyism.


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  • I love Bernie but I'd vote for a sentient dishcloth over Donald trump.

    • But this isn't about you.

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    • If you believe that, you are choosing to ignore the polls.

    • Lol says the boy who doesn't read comments.

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  • I can just see that if it comes down to the two of them, Trump is just going to make a lot of misogynist faux pas and lose popularity very quickly in the current ultra PC environment and Hilary will be president.

    • But he has already done so...

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    • You never know what can happen. I just think America will lose a lot of world respect if they elect Donald Trump and there's no telling what he might do. It could create a lot of problems in the world if USA gets a president that diplomatically retarded.
      Who the president of the U. S is has connotations for the world.

    • Diplomacy is a relative thing, but I would agree with the notion that decorum and social rituals are what people tend to be swayed by, above the facts of policy. If we talk about policy, Trump's policies are in the same camp as any other Republican candidate. And so is Hillary, in economic matters.

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  • Anyone But Hillary for 2016!

    • Be careful what you wish for...

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    • I'm not gonna finish reading your comment. I don't have to let myself be called moron. Obviously your only argument is the ad hominem. Goodbye.

    • @BlueCoyote Actually, after calling you a moron I gave the same rebuttal I give to every anti-Trumper who tries to use the bankruptcy excuse as to why he's unfit to be president.
      But I'm not going to convince you. I will, however, remember this when Trump wins by a YUGE margin and becomes our next president ;-)

  • The evidence points to a likely indictment of Hillary Clinton by the FBI for violation of espionage law and government records law.

    I give it a 50/50 that the next president is Cruz or Bloomberg.

    • I don't see how Cruz can beat Trump, especially with the notion floating around that his parents weren't American citizens when he was born in Canada.

  • It's awfully hard to run for president after being indicted.

    • Worked fine for George W.

    • I can't see her winning over Trump.

    • I can, but I can also see Trump winning. Meanwhile, Bernie would eclipse any Republican... if you don't ignore polls, that is.