He says that I am his girlfriend? Advice?

So I basically met this guy on tinder about a half of a year ago and we have been talking to each other since. For some reason I think there is something wrong with him (he might not be real, or he is after sex). When we first matched he messaged me and we started getting to know each other and then we exchanged numbers and have been talking to each other since. He and I facetime, call, and text each other everyday. He is the first one to contact me in the morning and the last person that I talk to at night. He is really nice and sweet (from what I can tell) and I am really starting to like him because he does not care about how I look and he makes me feel special. He for some reason calls me his girlfriend and tells me that he wants us to be together (but he does not know me like that). He is always telling me how beautiful I am when I send him pictures and how cute our children would look if we had any. He is not like super perverted but sometimes he will make something sexual if I ask him something that reminds him of sex but that's pretty much it. He says that he loves it when I smile and that he would love to see me in person one day so that he can confirm that he has the prettiest girlfriend ever. I test him a lot to see what he is going to say and he knows exactly what to say to make me stop lol. I will say "I don't like my eyes" and he will tell me "Babe you have the most beautifulest eyes that I have ever seen in my life there is nothing wrong with you i love your eyes and thats all that should matter" I just stare at my phone like (wtf? sure tell me what I want to hear so you can get in my pants jerk). He insists that he is a nice guy and that he actually likes me for who I am but I find that hard to believe because he could have any girl on tinder and he choses me to talk to and consider his girlfriend and I am not that attractive. I don't want to fall in love with him and find out that all he wants from me is sex Advice?


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  • I think you're over thinking this. You set him up that's the correct response would you be happier if he told you you're eye are fine get over it or ya they aren't great? Meet him don't sleep with him. Continue to spend time with him. It's been half a year no one chases tail for that long