How to be truly happy?

Things that keep me from being happy.;
-Wanting my exes to crawl back to beg me to return with them.
-Me jealous of other girls and thinknig they are hotter than me..
-My past of being bullied.
-Seeking validation that I am a loser thus getting treated like shit.

How do I deal with these to be happy?


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  • Sounds like you care a bit too much about what others think about you
    Just do you! Then you will be happier


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  • 1) it sounds like you have low self esteem since rely on your exes/boyfriends to keep you happy
    2) find thing about your body you love and whenever you see a hotter girl then you remind yourself of what you love about your own body
    3) I don't know what you were bullied about but if it's any consolation to you, I was bullied at high school too; you'll be surprised at how many people were. It is hard overcoming it however what I try to do is focus on the positive in my life and try to become a better person where I can.
    4) whenever you feel like you're trying to er validation from others remind yourself of what you're good at and what you can do. Affirmations work really well. Tell yourself you're strong and you can do anything. If you don't believe it at first tell yourself that you're learning to become stronger.

    • Was bullied by being told I was fat and ugly constantly so now I stress eat to sorta like validate that

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  • Accepting yourself, knowing that you are a part of this universe. Not letting toxic energy cloud your mind. Mediation finding the things that get you out of your comfort zone in a good way. Live in the moment and don't look back. When you love yourself no one can bring you down.

  • The way to be truly happy is to never place your happiness in someone else's hands, because once they're gone.. so is your happiness. Also, change what you can and accept what can't be changed. Never seek validation from other people. If they don't accept you as you are then you shouldn't have no place in your life for them. Never gain your self-worth based on other peoples opinions of you