How can I stop being so judgmental of others?

My whole life I've been a super goody two shoes. There is no other way to put it. Never had a drink in my life, don't smoke, never done a drug in my life, never gotten into any kind of trouble of any kind, always followed what my parents told me to do, straight followed the path of going to college and getting the good job. I'm as "beige" as they come. I tend to surround myself with people who live the same kind of life, however I also have friends who aren't so on the up and up and I find myself judging them and not giving them any kind of breaks or second chances for their "bad behavior." I know everyone makes mistakes and most people deserve second chances, but I find it so hard to not judge and be like why, knowing the consequences, why did you do what you did in the first place? No one is perfect---not me, no one. I'm understanding of this and trying to change my attitude towards my own and others mistakes and how I handle them. Any advice?


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  • I am the same. There is nothing wrong with it.


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