Do you hate women defenders?

I am talking about the men here. I mean i think it's fine if they hold a certain view that women should be treated better and so on but i hate it when they get physical over little things like calling a woman a slut or slapping them. I mean really? can't they see how they are brainwashed? it seems to me they are brainwashed by society stereotypes and gendre roles, they are like society peasants trying to protect women when in fact they don't realize they are being extremists and total women slaves and tools to be used by women. The are so brainwashed that they are deluded and can't see their own sexism of their gender due to their ignorance which is sad in my opinion. I don't know if they do this to get womens attention but i think if so i think it's very stupid LOL.

I think they have been rasied in a oldfashioned and traditional culture and a little bit stuck in the past, i mean we live in a modern society but they still promote gender roles and sterotypes. It doesn't seem they even use their brain as they should and are total robots. It just makes me feel soooo angry sometimes. so much sexism in one person.


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  • Little things like asserting dominance over her by calling her a slut or abusing her by hitting her? How about we treat people with the respect they deserve and we don't hit anyone? Regardless of gender.

    Sexism of our own gender? Because for the last 1000 years we've beaten, belittled, and killed women and now as a society we've decided that they are in fact people too?

    I'm sorry that because I think that skin colour, who they sleep with, and what genitalia they have between their legs doesn't define someone that you think I am an old-fashioned, brainwashed, total robot.

    From my point of view. Those that refuse to accept people as equals (A problem mostly associated with Straight White Cis-Men) are the ones stuck in the past. The ones holding on to the idea that they are better and helping those people beneath them isn't necessary because "They got to where they are themselves, so can you"

    I'm sorry you disagree with me, but I see a modern world where people are people not sexes or genders. Where people are people and we don't take dominance over people or abuse people in general. I'm sorry you don't see that.

  • Women abuse is a shameful and cowardly act. Abuse can be physical and / or psychological (am sure there might be other types of abuses but can't think of any atm)

    I have ZERO respect for people who abuse the opposite sex ( mostly we are talking about men).

  • XD but I see a modern world where people are people not sexes or genders

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