Top 10 sexiest nationalities? do you agree with the results im irish and i think the main reason we are number one was that james dornan played Mr grey in 50 shades of grey
Sexiest Nationalities for Women: Based on Dating Preferences of 44,873 American Men
1 Armenian (Kim Kardashian)
2 Barbadian/Bajan (Rihanna)
3 American (Beyonce, Kendall Jenner)
4 Colombian (Shakira, Sofia Vergara)
5 English (Rosie Huntington-Whitely)
6 Australian (Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson)
7 Brazilian (Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio)
8 Filipina (Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens)
9 Bulgarian (Nina Dobrev)
10 Lebanese (Amal Clooney)

Sexiest Nationalities for Men: Based on Dating Preferences of 66,309 American Women
1 Irish (Jamie Dornan, Colin Farrell)
2 Australian (Chris and Liam Hemsworth)
3 Pakistani (Zayn Malik)
4 American (Michael B Jordan, Justin Timberlake)
5 English (Charlie Hunnam, David Beckham)
6 Scottish (Calvin Harris)
7 Italian (Joe Manganiello)
8 Nigerian (Tinie Tempah)
9 Danish (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)
10 Spanish (Gerard Pique)

can someone comment any random thing lately my questions are getting no comments


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  • Seems a bit wide picking one or two people for each nation and then judging which country is sexiest dependent only on that person.

    Also, no Sweden and Brazil down at 7th? Isn't Sweden and Brazil the longstanding champions of attractive? With Sweden usually winning every poll?

    • ya Irish lads are usually only high in accents and not on looks but it also states in the link that over 50 % picked Irish cause of the accent but i think thats bullshit it cause mr grey is "northern" irish

    • Hey that Irish accent makes me want the Irish lads. And I'm straight. So I can't fault anyone for that. Still think it's a little misleading taking one or two celebs and calling it nationalities.

    • ya i agree im happy we are number one but i think it was kinda stupid how they done it

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  • Nicole Sherzinger and V Hudgens are Filipina?

    • theirs few things wrong and the results are based on actors

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    • i didn't like the list

    • i didn't make the list

  • Australian and Spanish guys omg 😍 hahah swedish guys should also be in that list πŸ˜›

    • that Spanish tan is class

  • I disagree I don't know which countries should be at the top of those but it's not them in my opinion

    • ya it's not the usual country's like Sweden isn't on the list Brazil is low down but its really the hottest models actors or singers are from

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    • i think Spanish Italians are the best then Brazil, Sweden and aussies

    • Yeah, tbh all nationalities are hot in their own ways

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  • What do you mean by Kim Kardashian is Armenian? She's not Armenian, she's American. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even speak one single word Armenian. Her dad is a THIRD GENERATION Armenian. I find it really silly when Americans say "I'm Italian" or "I'm Scottish" when really, what they mean is "150 years ago there was some dude in my family tree who came from Italy". That's not being Italian. Being Italian means being FROM Italy (or Armenia for that matter). That includes knowing the language, the culture, the customs and of course, having an Italian (or Armenian) mentality. I doubt Kim Kardashian could even find Armenia on a world map.

    Also, I'm sorry but anyone who includes English women in the top 10 of sexiest nationalities has either never been to England or should definitely have an eye doctor appointment. Have you ever been to England? I'm sorry to say this because I'm sure there are a lot of nice, good-hearted British girls out there but the vast majority of average English women you see on the streets literally looks like shit. English guys are quite okay but English women are possibly the most unattractive on the planet.

    • this isn't my list and i think they fucked up too

  • Countries south of Texas lol

  • American is the sexiest nationality.