Really short tempered. Why?

Ever since me and my long term girlfriend broke up almost two months ago, I get really angry really quickly and small stupid things annoy me so much I can't handle it. I have han temper issues in the past but always managed to deal with them, by getting enough sleep etc. but now nothing seems to help. What do you guys think is the problem and how can i handle it?


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  • Do some sort of physical activity that can help you release this anger in a positive way.

    • Any recommendations? I do running and I go to the gym...

    • Maybe try mixed martial arts or anything that requires you to take your frustration out on something. Maybe even hockey or cricket or tennis.

What Guys Said 1

  • Try mma fighting and see if that helps

    • Don't have a club I can join near where I live... Anything else you can recommend?

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