How to live rent free or very cheap?

Hey, I am a stand up comedian in Canada, lately I've been thinking a lot if there is a way I can get rid of $500 rental expense. I can't think other than getting a cheap moter home, and live in it. Just need your verbal Help!


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  • Ahhh how bout your parents home?

    • They live in States and I am Canadian. I Can't live there longer than 6 months. Immigration won't like it... and I don't feel like sucking a BIG BLACK Jimmy Jim Johnson in Jail. And I don't want to marry some one for papers either...

    • Totally understand dude! I live in Canada as well. And it's not so cheap here. SO i guess a inexpensive motor home would be a good choice right now. And as your grow you can find something better!! which i hope you do. Have you asked any friends if you can bunk with them for a while? If you don't think that's a good idea then the first option you decided on is good idea. And maybe you can look for a roomie when you find something permanent!
      P. S. i hope you go far.. i got a real laugh out of the BIG BLACK jimmy jim johnson thing you said. Hahahah
      Take care. :)

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  • If you get a motor home you have to pay for somewhere to park it. These places are often upwards of $100 a day.

    there's also running costs, maitenance and insurance. And believe you me a motorhome uses a shit load more feul than a car.

    You could try living with your parents?

    • What if I don't drive it and get a little car to drive around and use the moter as a HOME?

    • You still need to pay for somewhere to park it.

      I don't know what the laws are like in Canada as far as where you're allowed to park something like that for free and for how long.
      And because it's a vehicle there are likely to be registration and insurance issues whether you use it as a home or not because unless it's parked on you're own property, the police will want to check that its registered and road worthy and you can't register a vehicle without insurance.

  • A tent maby

    • Like your mama's lips?

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