I have never had a big party, what should I do for my 30th birthday party?

I am turning 30 and would like a big party with friends and family member so they can meet some of my friends and I can see people in my family I haven't seen in a while. My birthday is in May around mothers day and that is a difficalt month. I live in Northern California and I am in between two big cities San fran and Sac and there are tons of places in my town, in between and in the cities to have a party, so I am not sure what to pick. Its either someones house, a lounge or club and I have to think of the Theame or something I want to do for this party. I have never done a big party and I have no idea where to start.


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  • If you can afford it then having it at a club, bar or lounge would be nice. If money is an issue then throw a house party. You can set up as a nice regular party with balloons, snacks, happy birthday sign, streamers'etc. Have fun with it and go all out for it.


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