Who pays ridiculous amount of money for train fare every month?

I work up london and I live in Dartford, takes me about 1hour 20minutes to commute to work, I pay a ridiculous £292 a month for an absolute shit stain of a service.

i feel like I'm getting robbed haha who else travels this way and do you feel the same way?


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  • Um... yeah its the same in america ):


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  • Don't you have a monthly pass or something? In India we have weekly, monthly or quarterly pass which reduces rates by 30-50%. The longer the pass, the more the discount.

    • By paying monthly I'm saving money but hardly anything, like £8 lol but this is England and London, it's expensive and I've never seen the train companies give discount , just greedy bastards

    • That's rough

  • Can't you get like a yearly train pass that works out cheaper than just paying for every ticket?

    I don't even pay that much for feul a month and I drive to work every day

  • for me personally train fare wouldn´t save me a lot of money. it´s basically as expensive as going there by car but it saves me a lot of time as it takes less than half the time to get there... with the set schedule disadvantage of course.

    • Me driving to work would be out of the question lol London rush hour in the morning is madness, would probably take me 4 hours to get to work

    • oh yeah i´ve been to london once... even walking seems faster than going by car there xD

    • it´s like combining a huge metropole with the infrastructure of a hicktown.

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