A question about YouTube - screen capture video?

A question about screen capture video

Does window 7 include its own screen capture software?
I used PSR, it can't take videos, and its can't save files as *. mp4.

I want to show my doc files in youtube.
I open the doc file,
and scroll down the doc file to show the content.
I want to use a screen capture software to make this as a video.

some people type text on notepad, and can show the writing process in their videos.

+, what is the best free screen capture software?


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  • There is no default software. You'll have to download one. You can take screenshots though by pressing the PrtScr key.

  • No you have to download one, if you have an nvidea graphics card use shadowplay if not there are fraps, obs and a lot more. A good editing software is sony vegas 13.