Do you think west Europe and America will be finished soon?

I think they can last no more 20 years.

1) white population was 30% of the world.
thanks those eggheads's population theory.
Now white population is 10% of the world, in the future it will be 7%.

2) white populatoion was 90% in USA in 1900.
Now white will sonn be monirity in west Europe and america.
They will be the nest india or Brzail.

west and USA will both be finsied sonner rather than later.

No one can stops this, hahahahahhahaa.
If they want to be brownstans, they can be. :) hahahhahahahhahahhaha

They (US) will be the next india or Brzail.


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  • I don't see why it matters what color future generations of people are. Western Civilization has contributed tremendously to human culture it's true, so much so we don't even notice it for the most part but just regard it as normal. But the contributions of the West were built on the civilizations that came before and the civilizations that are to come will build on Western civilization.

    Race will become irrelevant over the next 100 years in any case because GATTACA is coming. The divide will be between those who are genetically select and those who aren't, not between races.

    • again, if you are a white, you can find out how great to be minority in the future.

    • are you a white or colored.

    • Like I said, skin color isn't going to matter. The coming divide will be between those whose parents chose their genetic profile and those who didn't. There is going to be a bulge at the high end of the bell curve that will wipe away worries about racial differences. You are like a guy worried about the decline of horse breeding after the invention of the automobile.

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  • Afraid of becoming a minority?

    Do you think minorities are badly treated in your country?

  • White Powder!!

    • you could be a colored person.

      again, if you are white, there is a good news for you.
      Australia will be ruled by china soon.
      enjoy !

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    • I am not Australian. sir.

    • Then why would you identify with Australia on your profile page?