For those of you who travel a lot how do you do it?

For the people who travel often from country to country, how do you do it? Do you find jobs over seas? If so how does that work? If not can you tell us how that works for you?


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  • When I'm planning to travel, I open up a savings account in my checking account and have part of my paycheck deposited in there. I don't touch that money until I'm traveling.


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  • I was Decided back in 2010, @JamielovesKu to Get My Passport. I had also Started Facebook and was Meeting all Sorts of Interesting Foreign people and I knew Then it was High Time To... Travel.
    Someone from Facebook had Found me One day. He was a Muslim man from Egypt and the Next thing You know, We had Began a new Beginning of a Whirl wind Romance by Chance. Months later, I flew over to His country. On the Way, I visited Istanbul Turkey, and on my Second time Aboard and Abroad, I went to Switzerland and London, also Living awhile in Egypt because we Had then Tied the Knot.
    I have Not hopped on Board in awhile Now, due to the Problems overseas but I am Beginning to Get this Itch Now Somehow... To do this Again, my Friend, but Not the Same flight Nor country I had Been to Before.
    That is Another Long Story..
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'm doing a working holiday as a gap year between high school & university and have already been to Australia, the U. K. & China in the past 5 months and will be going to the US, Canada & Korea within the next 3 months. Only worked/gonna work in Australia & Korea tho as that's really actually enough to save up. It's quite easy for me because I have connections & am already used to traveling a lot.
    I don't think most people could deal with the stress of it though, if I'm honest.

  • I save money, but I haven't had the chance to spend more than one month in a place yet, I do know people that have tho. You can find job overseas, but you would need to apply for a visa that would allow u to work, that means you have to read some info of the visas of the country u wanna visit, there's usually jobs for backpackers, you can find them on the internet, some of them would offer accommodation and food in exchange, others would give u some cash, depends on every job, these are just casual jobs.
    If you travel for like a month or 2, I'd suggest to just save money because if you work for that time you are not gonna be able to explore the place that much, but if you wanna go for like 6 months, then looking for jobs might be a good option

    • I want to travel and work in the country I'm traveling to Australia is one of them but they say I need an invite from a company. Do you think firstabroad. com is a legit site to do that?

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    • Yea but I'm trying to get a work visa

    • you should probably take a look at the working holiday visa requirements, thats the one that allows u to stay for a year

  • It is the job requirement to travel
    otherwise it is vacation

  • Save money for awhile then chose a place and go.