Should I go to the psychological conference? (Opinions appreciated)?

So I recently completed some research at my school (a military institution) on ostracism and racial and gender minorities. I found that there was no difference in overall experiences of ostracism as reported by psychological need threats, except with an interesting exception. Both females and African americans experience a diminished sense of control when compared to the majority population.

My professor said I should think about taking my research to a psycology conference. Any opinions? Does the research sound interesting?
Thanks for any help!


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  • Yes of course you should, sounds like a good opportunity and interesting find.


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  • If your professor recommends you do something, you ought to do it.
    Why pass up a chance to have your work and name inscribed in to the annals of history.

    Stop being foolish, and go give it a shot.

    • Lol I'm just not certain if it's good enough. I probably will, just wanted some input.

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    • Hopefully! I unfortunately wasn't able to conduct the research I really wanted to and was passionate about, but this is still a budding field, so it is certainly interesting!