Do I need to schedule a drivers test?

Should i book one online or can I just show up during a not busy hour?


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  • This seems a question better addressed to your local driver's licence office. We don't know what state (or even counjtry) you are in, let alone what their policies are or what their busy times are.

  • I have always had to get a appointment for all 4 driveing tests I took


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  • I'd have to know where you're from to give you a correct answer. But, from Michigan, I know that you usually can't book a test online, and you have to call the drivers test company first, and then you schedule a date with them. And you'd have to be prepared to give a credit card, because some agencies want one (to "lock in your appointment," which is stupid in my opinion.)

    Anyhow, that's how they do it where I'm from.
    If you're in the States, the Secretary of State should be able to provide you a list of approved drivers test agencies. Then you call them, and they tell you how you can schedule an appointment.
    Hope I helped.