Please help me I'm so sad :/ My dreams and failing?

Hello and thank you for your help first I'm really sad.

I started doing internet marketing when I was 15 and from that day almost SINGLE day I kept doing it, not just marketing but also design, then I jumped to internet marketing.

After that time I learned many things, but everytime I try I fail, I failed already so many times that now at the age of 19 I just feel lost and sad. Today is the day when I failed after 2 months of work.

I worked hard there were days that I also worked for 13 hours and even more which I know it's not healthy. But I just want to build sucesfull business and I keep failling over and over.

Thank you for your help and everyone who wants to build sucesfull business I wish him good luck from my heart, slowly I'm just losing all my hope :( and thanks for all opinions

thanks for all opinions*
thanks for all opinions***


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  • Well building a successful business is never easy. But anything worthwhile never is either : D. The reward is always greater though : D

    • yes I'm just so, so sad

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    • thanks I'm just gonna cry and then go back to business

    • Yep let it all out and get back to work! : D. I have a feeling you will make it : D. It's okay to feel down. Just get back on your feet though! : D

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