Can he be intrested or not at all?

First, I catch him looking at me time from time and he quickly looks away. He shares some of his personal information and says at times that he doesn't usually tell people that. When we have a conversation he is full of laughs and smiles and also makes a lot of eye contact. He also always faces his body towards me, people say that means something, but I don't understand it. If I dropped something he is quick to pick it up and he is always helpful when I need something.
Thing is, he has my number and he doesn't even text me unless it is school related. Also I asked him if he wanted to hang out and he says he is to busy with exams coming up. Someone cannot possibly be "too busy" right? Am I just imagining something that is not even there?


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  • If he's not hanging out then I would say he's not that interested. Doesn't mean he's not interested just not THAT interested.


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