All sports accepted~!!! :) What sports do you like to play/watch?

What sports do you like to play/watch?
Note: All sports accepted~!!! :) Some people think like surfing, cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, etc. aren't really sports. But, too me, I consider all of them sports, as well as many other things~!!! :)
So feel free to share:
1) What sports do you like to play?
2) What sports do you like to watch?
3) What sports do you want to learn/interested in learning?

Also, I'm very interested in learning new things~!!! :) I want to learn to play different sports~!!! :) Can someone teach me how to play different sports?
5) Can someone teach me how to do/play different sports like: ice-skating, cheerleading, gymnastics, surfing, martial arts (to protect myself), ballet, swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc...

Ty for taking your time to read my post~!!! :) Feel free to leave comments, advice, thoughts, opinions, recommendations, etc... Enjoy your day~!!! :)

by the way, watching on TV atm: Eddie Aikau surfing contest... #Eddiewouldgo.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Martial arts are my favourite among all, but I love all sports, excluding boxing.

    1. Martial arts, fencing, Kyūdō, skydiving and basketball are the ones I do the most.
    2. Same as above.
    3. Surfing, though I'd think it to be similar to snowboarding, which I have tried before.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I enjoy running.
    I like to watch hockey and UFC.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I love all sports but I'll go with the main ones:
    1. Football (soccer) swimming, watersports
    2. Football, Olympics, yacht racing
    3. More football 😂


What Girls Said 2

  • I only play tennis

  • I like to play; surfing, swimming, free diving, tennis, basketball and running.
    I dont like to watch any sports really, except maybe the occasional surfing comp.
    No sports i want to learn comes to mind...

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