Do you think Asian people generally give the impression of being very serious?

Do Asian people give you the impression that they are very serious? You often see them with that "don't bother me, expressionless look" which I am also guilty of but it's not really an accurate indicator of my personality. Can't help how you look lol

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  • It seems like the older ones are the younger ones I know are either chill or hyper lol.


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  • OF course it's a generality, and they aren't serious ALL the time.. I would say, they are generally very disciplined and goal-directed in their culture.


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  • I'm Asian myself. I never found myself to be in a situation where I have been told that I am "too serious." In fact, most people find it hard to take me seriously because my tone of voice is incredibly sarcastic.

    I find the tone of voice is more of a factor than race.

    Yet again, in many East Asian culture, not being serious while addressing someone might be considered disrespectful (at least to elders). Perhaps it is because of this that they seem more serious. (Most of my Asian siblings consider me to be rude, so there's that...)

  • i get the total opposite actually. a lot of them look really friendly, and they're just hilarious. well the majority are.

  • I'm Asian and I'm not like that lol I wouldn't say it much in terms of facial expressions but some of the Asian language can come off harsh sometimes haha


    • whats so funnyyy

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    • Well you're in malaysia (according to ur page), peoples perceptions are different depending on where they live

    • That's true, but assuming that it's non-Asians who have this misleading perspective, they're still not giving their presumptions enough thought.

      Also, whaddya mean, "according to my page"? Why would I lie about coming from an obscure country nobody outside of locals gives a shit about? (*puzzled)

What Guys Said 2

  • I think there's a big difference between Asians and Asian-Americans who are only half-Asian (one parent is western). Full-blooded Asians certainly give off this vibe much more than the others do.
    I think back when I wasn't exposed to Asians I did feel that way. In my country, there are only very few Asians. During the last 5 years it has changed a bit but when I was a child or teenager, my country was pretty much an Asian-free zone so to speak (and also a black-free zone) ;-). Therefore, I only knew Asians (or black people) from TV.
    Now that I have a Korean girlfriend and I've lived and studied in Korea for some time, I would certainly disagree with this. I think the cause of this impression is Asian anatomy. The Asian face naturally tends to be flatter. Along with the different shape of the eyes, this can create the impression that Asians always look exactly the same way. But they don't. You just have to be a little used to seeing Asian people to see their different ways of looking.

    Another reason why second generation Asian-Americans or Asian-Europeans are really not a good indicator for this is culture. Even if you're 100% Asian genetically, if you've grown up in the US or Europe, you're not "really Asian". I realized this a lot when my girlfriend and other Koreans in Korea were sometimes making fun of Korean-Americans. In the US, Korean-Americans are considered "clearly Asian" but if they go on vacation to Korea, they're actually considered "mostly American". One of many reasons for this is that Korean-Americans (or other Asian-Americans) act very differently than the people in Korea or Japan or China. In east Asia, people generally tend to express themselves exclusively with words, tone etc. Gestures and mimic is considered way less important than in western countries. There are a lot of gestures I do on a regular basis and don't even pay attention to that people in Korea found hilarious because they weren't used to seeing someone doing these kind of things with their hands or face (for example rolling your eyes when you pretend to die or stuff like that). Because Asians in east-Asia use very few mimics and gestures and they express their feelings and thoughts more subtly than we do in Europe or (especially!) America, it can feel to westerners as though Asians would always look exactly the same. However, that's not the case and once you get used to the more subtle way of communicating, you can see the difference in emotion quite well.

  • Depends on their day I suppose.. I personally smile a lot.