Has someone's body ever had you traumatized?

Someone took their shirt off by me and i didn't expect them to look so good with their shirt off
when i talked to them every word was stuttered

has this happened to you?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Thankfully no it hasn't but I suspect it will happen to me at some point. Haven't been in a situation with someone's shirt off yet -__-

    • aw haha it will
      when you least expect it too..
      i did not expect that...

What Girls Said 1

  • No but some guys I've seen have me traumatized just looking at them so I am sure if I got to see their shirt off it would just be a whole lot worse.

    • it really does when they have nice bodies
      it doesn't even have to be a perfect body the one i saw was pretty good though

    • So today I was driving past the park and wow keep your eyes on the road... two guys in the park with shirts off and they were pretty nice 😜
      I agree it doesn't have to be a perfect body to turn my head... think I'm worse when I'm not getting any 😔 hahaha

    • right haha