I want to be a teen mom but it would be a bad decision right?

Three factors fall into me never achieving this goal. 1) I'm 15 so in 2 years I graduate and head off to college. 2) I'm very single. 😂😭 3) I don't have a job. I just have allowance. Anyway I have always thought about being a mom and if not having a kid I wanted to do the pregnancy project because kids really interest me. I also want to see who would judge me and what friends would leave me. But the bad part to wanting to be a mom is being judged plus there are tons of pregnant people at my school. It's so sad and they are 15 or 16. Anyways I probably won't get pregnant Because that's bad being young. But in your opinion, what should I do?


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  • I would wait... babies/children are expensive. You should wait until you can afford it on your own. If you have a baby now, it is your parents that have to take care of it. I think it would be selfish at this point in your life make them rearrange their life to take care of your child.

    I know the idea of being a mother is attractive... hell I love being a dad/father, but the first thing about being a parent is thinking about how your actions could effect them and the other people around you.

    Being a mom sounds like fun, but it is a lot of hard work and requires patience. You can kiss your Friday and Saturday night going out with friends goodbye. In addition, most guys your age don't want to adopt a child, so it would be extremely difficult to meet a guy.

    Ultimately, I think you would be giving up what is suppose to be the fun part of your life, and having to become an adult instantly.

    • Sir, that is the best answer I will ever read. You made great points. And thank you for giving me that opinion. You sound like an awesome dad. 😊

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  • Get that silly idea out of your head.


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  • if you want to become a teen mom i can help with that, but then i'll go back to france though

    • Why do French people always say that stuff to me? 😂😂 like stay in France.

  • You can have a boyfriend or you can become mom to rent child too.


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