Do you have ou ever had anxiety symptoms?

When you get anxious, do you feel something physically? Like your heart is racing, nausea... What about sadness? What exactly do you feel and how do you control it?


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  • Yes. When it happens drink a lot of water. The extra oxygen helps to calm you down.


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  • Yes, very much so. I would get physically sick to the point of vomiting. After seeing many doctors and therapists, and taking a ton of drugs, I came to two conclusions. After a while, life just beat me down and it made it where things just didn't bother me as much. And yoga helps a LOT!. Good luck!

  • I get really introverted, sometimes rush into bed and hugs myself/a pillow and cries even sometimes yelling NOO or something else, because of how I feel about what I feel awful from. I also experience an extreme surge of sadness during my anxiety attacks, and that sadness is intertwined with a feeling of relief derived from my ability to cry and practice self-comfort.

    I do not get any physical symptoms except for a very high amount of tensity and maybe a bit of swollen face due to the heavy crying.

    The difference over time from when I initially started having these moments of anxiety has been noticeable. They are all equal in intensity, but the duration in direct correlation with my self-comfort has been gradually decreasing bit by bit every time for years.


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