What would you think if someone told you this about their past? Would you take them seriously or think they are being dramatic?

Or do you think I sound ridiculous? I am asking because I am scared to open up about it to my friends. But it was a huge struggle in my life.

I had acne all throughout high school, but it got severe when I went to college. My dermatologist put me on a regimen using topicals. When that didn't work she added minocycline. When that didn't work I tried doxycycline. When that didn't work I tried tetracycline. And she also gave me different topicals with each. I'd have to wait about three months with each thing to see if they worked. My acne didn't get better - it got WORSE.

My acne was all over my chest, back, face, neck. I mean every pore was either clogged, scabbed, inflamed. And the type of acne on my face was cystic. Huge and deep under my skin that would never go away. Finally, she sent me to another dermatologist who asked me if I wanted to try Accutane. I went on Accutane for 6 months and it worked! But then i had a relapse and it came back about 6 months after finishing. So I went on a second round of Accutane for another 6 months. Then college was almost over so all together that was 4 years..

Throughout those 4 years all of this took a toll on me psychologically. I had no friends, no social life, I hid in my room. Major depression and anxiety. Oh and my dream since I was 16 was to be a model. I'm skinny and tall and actually very pretty and unique underneath it. In the beginning of college girls would make fun of me and my looks to even aside from acne. But i couldnt even chase my dream, I had to figure out my skin first.


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  • I had acne back in the day, had a similar thing but over less time- the doctor gave me a couple of different antibiotics which did nothing so I got fucked off with her and paid to see a decent dermatologist instead, went straight on the accutane, job done. Really so many doctors and dermatologists are a waste of space and shouldn't be practicing, the best ones don't mess around and give you something that works. Ultimately I get it, you had acne and there was nothing you could do about it, it wasn't coz you didn't take care of your skin. I look back and think shit like that was character building, s'all good now!

    • what do you mean by character building?

    • Character building- if you've been through some shit: you'll have more/better character than people who haven't.

  • Its not doctors fault by the way and nor the other doc's wonder. We have slowly increase the dose other wise the germs got resistance to it.

    • I never said it was?

    • I am just telling you if you fell that way cuz people are commenting like this

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