Do you feel like people over use the word "Anxiety" or unnecessarily?

They say the word "anxiety" like it is an unnatural feeling
I see people saying "This anxiety is driving me crazy" like its a big issue
And i'm thinking like that's not anxiety, that's nervousness.
And everytime I debate someone they get mad at me and snap at me.
And i'm like well your "anxiety" went away real quick now didn't it?

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  • Anxiety is an issue a lot of people have.


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  • Yes, I very much think so. To be clear: there are definitely people who really do have (social) anxiety (in the sense of a psychiatric illness). However, "anxiety" is also a very trendy, fashionable disorder at the moment. A few years ago, this was the case with ADD, now it's anxiety. Everyone apparently wants to have it - maybe also because it's currently easy to get commiserative looks and lots of empathy from others if you make a sad face and say "I've got really bad anxiety". I doubt many people who claim to have anxiety actually know what it is or what real anxiety even feels like. There are tons of people who self-diagnose so they can also be a little whiny and have a piece of easy empathy. And even if you've been to a doctor and you got a professional diagnosis doesn't mean that you actually have anxiety. The reason for this is that psychologists and general practitioners themselves tend to over-diagnose patients according to what's currently "trendy". Several groups of researchers were able to prove this with respect to ADD. Until a few years ago, children and teenagers were so massively over-diagnosed with ADD by doctors in the US and other western countries that thousands of parents drugged their kids with Ritalin and similar prescription drugs. In reality, the children were completely healthy, they just happened to be kinda petulant or difficult children - which ultimately had much more to do with their parents' parenting-style than with some mental disease. But of course it's easier for parents to just drug your kid instead of questioning your own behavior.

    What bothers me most about this trendiness of mental illnesses is that the REAL illness loses its magnitude in the minds of people. A good example for this is depression. Depression is a very serious illness and it can totally destroy one's life. But like anxiety, depression has become one of these illnesses that people just suddenly sort of have. Especially a lot of young people think that if you're sad for 2 weeks or you're love sick for a few 3 months, that makes you depressed. That's NOT depression. That's just being sad. Everyone is sad sometimes. That doesn't mean everyone has the actual disease depression. But because everyone claims to have it, the people who REALLY have it are not taken serious anymore. It's almost as though somebody meets a guy in a wheelchair and says "oh yeah, my legs also hurt sometimes!" It ridicules and trivializes the real illness and that bothers me.


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  • Not as much as da word "troll"... WAY overused in our days...

  • I think that there's a huge issue where people are getting better at identifying anxiety, which is fine, but then they think what they need to do is avoid anxiety.

    That is exactly how you end up as an agoraphobe.

    Anxiety is something to be managed. It's something that you can practice and build skills managing. Avoidance makes you less able to cope with it.

    We can be sympathetic to people who have situations where they are unable to cope with the anxiety, but we MUST all recognize that as a short term state, and that the long term goal is ALWAYS to get better at handling anxiety, not to imagine living without it.


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