Whats' up with the notifications?

Hey everyone, I recently have been getting spammed with "Notifications"... That someone else's opinion was selected as MHO? ... WTF?

Has this recently started for anyone else?

I find it annoying and hoope that GAG changes it back to notifying me about my questions and replies to my comments ONLY.

If you work for GAG... please PM me.

I guess they added it, found a new button under settings to turn it off... for the others that find this annoying and want to shut it off.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You can select which notifications you want to receive by going to your settings page, scrolling down to where it says "notifications" and then unchecking from the list the notifications you do not want to receive. Then click "save"

    • Well why has it just started happening? I had 26 spam emails today because of it. I hate when they don't inform you of changes that affect the site and how you use it. It'll see if there is a wahy to block them.

    • The site was only updated yesterday evening. As mentioned, you can disable certain notifications by going to your settings page.

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  • Isn't amazing how you get 20 notifications about best answers on questions you can't answer anymore and another 10 more on people up voting you? Don't you like all kinds of trash messages that prevent you from responding to people that actually are trying to have a conversation with you? This is fucking amazing!


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