There is this guy at school who I rlly like and he used to think I was rlly hot but I have made a HUGE mistake and I rlly need help PLSS?

So this guy at school used to tell everyone I was rlly hot and he was saying he wished I would talk to him and if he had time he would ask me out and blah blah blah anyway lots of stuff went down lol but the big problem started when I was being rlly dumb and I was starting to feel hopeless because I rlly liked him too and so I was so desperate to get his attention that I blocked him and unblocked him on Instagram (terrible idea) and I did this twice (so dumb ik) anyway it didn't bother him and so nothing happened and he was complaining to one of my friends that he wants to talk to me but I won't even look at him at school so I got brave and decided to snap chat him so we ended up having and 8 day streak that I felt was going well and I would get so excited when he would snap me because he's so sweet and sooo funny but then one of our friends told me that he said he just replies because I snap him and he feels like he had to but in reality he thinks I'm annoying and he doesn't like me and he wants me to leave him alone so I was devestated and I don't know if that was all true but I rlly believed it because I felt like I was annoying him but since I was so upset I decided to be dumb again and block him and unblock him on Instagram and he followed me back the next day because he still is always checking on my account and I don't know why but he texted my friend all mad and annoyed saying that I keep blocking him and unblocking him on Instagram so I blocked him for real because once again I was being dumb and upset and when I see him at school (even b4 all of this) he always runs from me and I feel so horrible because I rlly rlly rlly like him a lot and I would do anything to fix this but I don't know if I can. So do u think I can fix this at all? Do u think I still have a chance? What do u think is going on in his head about this? I would do absolutely anything to fix this so thank you to anyone who read all of this lol help would be soooo much appreciated thx!


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  • Just tell him that you heard that he said you were annoying & that's why you stopped talking to him. Also say you were just being stupid when you kept blocking him

  • Just unblock him.. Start talking to him.. Casually. Say hi first.
    And the most important thing is to get your friends to see if he is looking at you.. If he does then good news!

    • Thanks so much for your help it means a lot

  • Just start talking to him again. Tell him the truth and that you thought he was annoyed by you and you just want to leave that stuff in the past and start over.