Who is in charge here?


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  • We are making profit for this website therefore we are customers.

    Normally the customer is always in charge but does any of you feel in charge?


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  • Nobody's in charge.

    But if things get out of hand or violate guidelines
    I, as well as the other moderators take things down.

    The admins have the last say, though.

    • There was a comment from a guy here, below Facepalm's comment, that has now been removed. I didn't removed, can you see if the commentor himself removed it or someone else?

      Also, my question is just as much in total violation of the guidelines as the idiotic question that an anon admin asked to boost up MHO for another admin. Why hasn't this question of mine been removed?

      Also - why the heck are there guys that have barely any are even 3 in xper or even loss admins? And I noticed one comment from one staff member that she was completely surprised to see a few admins that are not on the list that GAG staff members seem to have... why isn't there a complete and full list of all admins? And why isn't there an available list of staff members of GAG's for us (at least currently) members to see?

      What I've gathered is that the playing rules aren't the same for admins and us "Joe Schmoe's" here as regular users, and that irritates the sh*t out of me