Give me one good reason why I should vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump?

If Bernie Sanders doesn't win the nomination, what makes HC a better candidate than Trump?

Trump riles up racists with racist rhetoric. HC in the 90s pushed for legislation that ended up targetting black people, disproportionately, with more black people than ever ending up in prison.

Trump is a rich asshole that brags about being extravagant. Hillary is a sweet-talking Wall Street apologist, protector, socialite, and paid speaker, and she squirms when asked about it.

Trump has no history of being anti LGBT, but it's very likely he wants to push for the right to speak un-PC about LGBT people. HC as a legislator was decidedly against gay marriage up until a couple of years ago.

Trump said some years back that he supports a public option. HC changed her mind about it a couple of days ago, and now claims to support a public option.

Please give me an intelligent, policy-driven reason as to why I should bother voting for her over Trump. Do HC's claims have a greater impact because she speaks nicely?

Trump says he wants to bomb foreign countries. HC has already voted to do it.


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  • She's a woman. That's as good as most will be able to do. I'd sooner sit out the election than vote for her.

    • Thanks for mho

    • Hillary knows the job. Trump doesn't know anything , except buying real estate and casinos and letting them go bankrupt. Should he run the USA like he ran casinos?

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  • I wanted to say that at least Hillary is not a dumb macho idiot that just wants to randomly bomb foreign countries and act all primitive and like a war hawk. But then I realized she was in favor of the Iraq war.
    So I guess there are really not too many differences. Perhaps you could argue that Hillary doesn't want to build a stupid wall but then again, that doesn't really matter cuz even if Trump became president, he would never be able to build such a wall and he knows that himself.
    So to sum it up... I guess there is no good reason. If anyone except Bernie gets elected, America is pretty much fucked. Having said that, as a socialist myself, I would certainly never vote for Trump. I will never vote for anyone like that. If I was American and it came to a race between Hillary and Trump, I would simply express my discontent by abstaining the election altogether.

    • Same here. I might abstain, but if Trump attacks HC from the left, I will be tempted to reward his circus act.

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    • I used to believe that, but I realize that Trump's rise is more about attitude, than policy. His supporters don't give a rat's ass about policy. They like him because he 'tells it like it is'.

      I already mentioned in this question that he is for the public option. And he is also saying he is against Super PACs. Not even the right wing base likes legal bribery. Eric Cantor, House majority leader, got embarrassingly routed by a libertarian in a primary, on that issue.

    • by the way, he is already attacking other Republicans from the left, by calling out them being bought. His punishment was a surge in the polls and primaries.

  • Because Hillary is like a frog vs Trump the iguana.

    Iguanas are basically the same their entire lives, they just change size.

    Frogs start out as tiny tadpoles, then completely change and become something that would eat what it was before.

  • Modesty.

    • Which policy does that drive?

    • according to the New York Times and CNN you area sexiest if you dont vote for her. No joke look it up on youtube

  • Give me one good reason why I should vote at all. XD

  • She is a woman and you would help elect the first female president.

    Much the same reason people voted Obama over McCain. It isn't about choosing the person with the best policies and politics, you're looking to make history and news. Silly.