Illuminate, RFID chips, new world order.. wtf is going on?

Whats everyones take on the illuminate, the new world order and all the other things that come into this category?
Who believes that were all screwed?
9/11 conspiracy, subliminal messages, wiping out 80% of the population, world domination!!
Let me hear your theories!!


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  • The chips are the most likely possibility, you know.. to track their scientifically enhanced super humans.. ^.^

    Humanity have been marked with the black ribbon of fate, since the first dawning.

  • I think most of it is bullshit. There are lobbyists who pay to control political decisions, but everybody knows that already.

    9/11 wasn't the work of the Illuminati. It was just Bush and co. That's all.

    Sure some rich folks would like to wipe out most people so that they could have more for themselves. That's called greed. Your common citizen can have that.

    • As far as world domination? Yeah there are countries that want to rule the Earth. Sure.

  • None of it is true.
    The Illuminati is a defunct group of scientists which was founded in the 18th century. Due to a variety of reasons, they didn't last long.


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