Why won't some believe I'm a woman playing checkers?

I've gone back to sometimes playing checkers (most people are guys older than me; some are champions) ever since finishing college.

What is annoying is on that playing site, I'm confused for a guy by some people. I put my real screen name (even a picture of me) and they still didn't believe I was really a woman, kept saying that I must be a guy passing as a woman and thought I was lying. They told me that no woman in her 20's usually plays checkers, and if so it's very rare and added an ''we don't believe you, stop lying''.

Years ago, someone who was a great checkers player (who is now my friend on fb), didn't believe me either until I turn my cam on.

I love that board game a lot. I have ever since I was a teen but didn't really have time to dedicate myself to the level like those guys do so I would be absent for years and then come back. I'm back now and I'm not believed by some. It's getting annoying that they think that.


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  • I didn't know that the ability to play checkers was gendered. Weird.

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