Did I just get scammed on Craigslist?

I bought myself a ticket to go watch a football (soccer) game tomorrow.

The guy showed me a picture of ticket with the serial bar and handed over his account number and sort code for a Nationwide bank account.

He told me he would send the ticket by courier service (which is guaranteed to deliver tomorrow morning) as soon as he got the money.

He was replying quite well to me and, after searching "signs of CL scams", I thought he was genuine.

I sent him a message earlier this morning telling him I had paid... but he hasn't responded...

I'm sitting here hitting myself for being so damn gullible... have I been scammed?


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  • Did you pay via PayPal if so u might be able to get the money back

    • No, I didn't :(.

      I just don't get why he'd risk handing his bank account details though...

    • Can't you go to the police or something if you've got his details?

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  • You'll know it afterwards.
    Hindsight is usually pretty good.

    • Not always, I'm now stressign out a lot. He seemed genuine... I'm only having secodn thoughts because he hasn't responded to my email telling him that I sent the money.

    • You'll know it whdn you use ghe barcode (if you took a screenshot)

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  • "I'm sitting here hitting myself for being so damn gullible... have I been scammed? "


    Now what did you use to transfer the money into this account?

    • Okay to make this clear..
      Did you use a service like
      Gift Card

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    • I know very well that money gram, western Union and Gift cards are always scams.

    • so... what service did you use? Just balance transfer via bank? Left a deposit into the account?

  • If you aren't meeting face to face, you can be sure you have been scammed. CL even tells you as much.

    • Sending money without meeting face to face is literally the first sign of a scam they tell you to watch out for.


    • Number 3 on their list is anyone asking you to wire funds is a scammer.

    • I didn't wire it... it was a transfer of money from one bank account to another. What's funny is that number 6 states to not had account details, yet HE'S the one who did that... I didn't give my details out at all.

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