If someone says this what do they mean?

"This spot is not for you."

No I meant if someone says it about a 'spot' you've earned in something like a competitive program


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  • Well it's just being competitive. They want to win that spot, and telling you that you don't deserve that spot because it's for them, is pretty normal if people are competing against each other for something like that

    • It wasn't a peer who said that, someone from the administration.

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    • No, it was a spot I already earned for a program i was doing, and she said that to my face when I was alone in her office

    • She either thinks you don't deserve it or seriously has something against you

  • you can't sit there I guess lol

  • Its means the spot they are talking about is not meant for you...

    • What do they mean by 'meant for you,' that I don't deserve it?

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