Anyone been to St Petersburg, Florida?

I'm going there for a work trip in April. Since I'll obviously have some free time I'd like to know if there's any cool places there or anything I should know about the city.


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  • Yup! I'm close by. St. Pete has beaches and the Dali Museum if you like art.

    • What type of art?

    • Dali did Surrealism and then they have other temporary exhibits that come and co. They had one I saw by Escher which was really cool, he does stuff like optical illusions.

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  • It's a great place to visit. They even have a restaurant there that sells French Fries. I really enjoyed them. Some people dip them in ketchup.

    • Lol every place has French fries and most people add ketchup.

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    • Dude c'mon I asked a serious question what's with the sarcasm?

    • I haven't been there for many years, but my memory of St. Pete is that it's the kind of place where eating French Fries would be the highlight of ones day. It has improved over the years I'm told.. Lots going on around the Beach area, and the Dali Museum is worth the trip if you're a fan of Surrealism.

  • Yes, I used to live there. The beaches are awesome, especially Ft. Desoto State Park on the southern tip of Pinellas County, which is near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. If you like to fish, the old Skyway bridge approaches have been turned into extremely long fishing piers.

    • I love fishing, but having someone cook it would be a problem since I can't cook.

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    • That kinda defeats the purpose.
      I catch to eat never for sport.

    • Eh, it was something to do. If you check out my profile picture, that was taken at sunset on Madeira Beach, which is just a few miles from downtown St. Pete.

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