Is this person rude or am I being crazy?

So I hung out with a few friends one night. Some brought their friends from work. We went out to this place called ra sushi and drank than we went to this bar/club. I got acquainted by the people I didn't already know and we even took a group photo. The next day I was tagged in my friends pictures on facebook and saw the other girls were tagged so I messaged them telling them how much fun I had. One of the girls was really rude and called me a stalker and said that she doesn't remember me and said she was going to block me. It's weird because she's tagged in the picture and I was talking to her and the other girls most of the night. I told my friend about this and she pretty much defended her saying she was "so wasted and that messaging her on facebook is a little stalkerish." I felt really angry after that.


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  • I think it was rude of her, but now you know to keep a fun night at the bar as just that..

    • I don't think I can be friends with my one friend anymore because of all that. I almost feel betrayed. I'm a nice person but I will not act like it's ok for people to treat me like a "stalker."

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    • I just think we are two different people.

    • I don't know I just feel like she cares more about fitting in than actually being my friend. I know I'm not a stalker. I just was being nice. The other girls added me on Facebook and replied back saying they had fun and it was nice to meet me. That girl was the only one that treated me like that. I don't know how my friend can agree with her but it just makes her look like she cares too much about what she thinks.

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