Have you ever done this?

So I was randomly watching a video on youtube and then they started talking about old people so I started thinking what I would be doing when I'm old, then I thought of dying of old age and scared myself lol. I'm an idiot! Has any of you guys done this before?


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  • Yup! I had a dream i was aging in 5 minutes!


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  • Yes, every now and then.


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  • nah oddly death doesn't scare me at all , i'd prefer to live but if i'm dead i'm dead i can't be sad about it. I know my family/friends would be upset just like how I'd be fucking shattered if I lost anyone in my life, but myself personally... eh, we all die and if it's by old age GREAT!

    • yeah, just for some reason it gave me a miny fright and then I couldn't stop laughing at myself afterwards lol

    • well as long as it's a fleeting fear and not something that keeps you up at night haha. I get it though. My fear is becoming old and senile or getting Alzheimer's or something along those lines, life would be so dark after that