Why do guys always pick on me?

i dont know why but for some reason, guys love to pick on me. and no theyre not rude. they do it in a playful way but i always wonder they always do that. when i see them talk to other girls, they dont do that.

im generally a quiet girl. im softspoken and seem innocent but im pretty laid back and calm about things. i talk more once i get comfortable with people but even then, i dont like to talk a lot. but i like to be sarcastic and funny. when i first meet a guy, i am quiet at first and im nice but after a few interactions they start to play fight with me. they tell me they are going to punch me, or something like that. its fun and i follow along but i just find it odd how this always happens. im always the one they fight with.

could it mean that im always going to get friendzoned or something?


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  • It just sounds like playful flirting to me, but in the same sense, you're an easy target for guys to bump up their confidence a bit. It's harmless, but don't expect to get a date out of any of those guys.

    • so you're saying i automatically get friendzoned?

  • I'm not sure how it works, but it sounds like the friendzone to me.


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