My "secret" IG account have been discovered by friends?

First off , I'd like to point out I'm in recovery for anorexia and O. C. D (Cognitive-behavior therap). I struggle a lot and often I can't get myself to tell my friends and family about it, where it's better an easier to talk to someone online, who's experinces the same.
My friends found my IG recovery account and my inbox are being spammed, since I have written about tough school days where I found myself in the lonely and "scary" bubble. I do get lonely often, since I tend to lack the energy (as horrible as that sounds) to engage in conversation. I struggle with making friends and talking to people a lot, which is why I am considered lonely.

Some are very upset with me. They said that I could talk to them, and it hurt them that I didn't. I have now also been told that I should just eat, and they wouldn't blame me and they would even force me to do so. (I eat at home, since my lunches consists of nutridrinks, as my body is very malnourished and damaged)

I'm very scared of going to school tomorrow. I'm afraid that they'll attack me as I come.
What do I do?


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  • Just do the best you can. That sucks they found your secret account because it was none of their business. I hope they don't make it a big deal in school and don't bug you about it. True you could had told them and didn't want to. They should respect your privacy.


What Girls Said 2

  • Your real life friends suck, sorry to say.

    They sound like they're just pissed off you kept this from them rather than being genuinely concerned.

    Saying shit like "you should just eat" and "we'll force you to" just shows how little they understand about your condition.

    Do your best to power through it. You're obviously strong enough to be dealing with your condition, therefore I believe you're strong enough to overcome a bunch of assholes in school.👍

  • Walk into that school with your head held high. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. I hope your recovery is successful. Good luck 😊