How long does it take to flush your system?

Well, I have a drug test soon, and I haven't smoked weed very much at all. I've only done it three times and that's it. But I did not know that I was supposed to be taking a drug test soon. I've been drinking lots of water since Friday, and I smoked Thursday, and I'm supposed to take the test tomorrow or Tuesday. Will it be out of my system by then?


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  • Nope takes 2 to 3 weeks to get THC out of your pee


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  • I"ve heard of people going to private vitamin shops and asking for the "stuff" in order to deal with drug testing. Not sure what the "stuff" consisted of, but I'm sure some pot head on this forum might know. lol

  • Depends on the test. What's it for? A really accurate and sensitive test can tell for 6 months in hair samples.

    • Well it's a urine test.

    • 3 days for a one off low use. And up to a month for habitual users.

      I've never touched it and wouldn't. As I get compulsory tested and would be sacked in work. But have been tested loads. Good luck.

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  • It depends on how often you use it.

    If you've been using it for a while 10 days max, but if you've only used it on Thursday and no other day before 3 days max

    Drink lots of cranberry juice!!!

  • it takes a month for marijuana to be cleared from the system

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